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Leasing advantages

PacLease and Location de camions Eureka inc.

PacLease (PACCAR Leasing) is the leasing division of the truck manufacturer PACCAR.

Location de camions Eureka is a PacLease Kenworth dealer, offering customized leasing and rental programs, to meet the various needs of your company.


The best vehicles of the industry

Location de camions Eureka leases and rents Kenworth trucks which are well known for their flexibility and reliability. They are after all, The World’s Best®

Leased trucks are constructed according to your specifications to meet your specific needs. Our experienced representatives are there to guide you through the construction and ordering processes of your new leased vehicle.

You hence have a vehicle well adapted to suit your needs and taste.


All-inclusive service

Leasing with service (maintenance, annual inspection, repairs) allows you to concentrate on your business’ important activities. Location de camions Eureka takes care of your maintenance schedules and your repairs so that you always have a legal and operable vehicle in hands.

Our services, *depending on your lease’s modalities:

  • Repairs, recalls and warranties
  • Mainteance schedule and follow-ups
  • Preventive inspections and annual inspections
  • Interior and exterior cleaning*
  • Transportation service (jockey) and courtesy cars*
  • Towing service*
  • Replacement vehicle*
  • Mobile service units
  • 3 locations (Anjou, Boucherville, Dorval) and affiliated truck repair shops all over Quebec and Canada


Fixed costs

Fixed leasing costs help you plan your budget. No unexpected expense for the operation of your vehicles.


Your time is profits

You will always have a functionnal vehicle in hands. No more waste of time, of contracts, or money.

Our vast inventory of rental vehicles can also help you whenever you have extra temporary needs.

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